A day with Mr. Bugler and Friends

It all started July 12th, a Thursday morning around 9:00 am. There was me, my two sons, Ian and Angus, George (PA), Jabby from Ligonier, and Rich Best from Jersey Shore, PA. Jabby and Rich are friends of Bugler.

We all headed to Indiana, PA.. Just outside of Indiana is a little place called Tide, PA. This place goes back to 1770's. We went to an old abandon springhouse from the late 1770's. There were also cellar holes and stone houses that at one time linked to the springhouse. We found this place from my Uncle John. I have known about this place for about six years but had never detected it. We all started to walk up the gas well road, it use to be the old road into the place. We walked about 300 yards up the hill to the springhouse. There it sat. Hidden by the trees and undergrowth since it was built in 1770's. As we stood there looking at once was a glorious springhouse this was at one time. And thinking of what stories this place can tell.

This was Rich Best's first relic hunt and first time land detecting. Well what we call The Rookie in the Pack. This day will be his but he does not know it yet.

We all got started. My son, Ian, was with me most of the time, and Angus was with Jabby, Rich, and George.

I started by the front of the springhouse. I was getting a few good signals by the door to get into the springhouse. I found the nametag of who use to live there and a few round tags with numbers. The round tags are like check tags they used in the old days to keep track of who was there and who was late or not there. I think they used these ones for the apple orchard that was about a hundred yards or so away.

At this time I was detecting an old road to the apple orchard. I found some early date wheaties, and one more tag. I just pinpointed this good signal and Ian was digging the hole for me when I heard something and he said look at Rich he is yelling something. I took off my shadow headphones. Now I could hear what he was saying while he was jumping up and down or running in the woods in the middle of nowhere. Rich was yelling out Beginner's Luck. He was so excited and so were we. Rich found a 1945 merc and it looked like it was lost the day it was minted. It was in perfect condition.

It's always nice to see someone's first silver dime or first anything. I know he will never forget that dime or the place he found it.

Rich was using a Shadow X2 detector. Shadow X2 is an easy detector to use and to train someone new on it. Well most of us were using Shadow's. Jabby was using a Fisher. Rich by the end of the day talked Bugler into selling his last X2. This X2 is his lucky detector now. Rich was sold by the time he dug that 1945 merc. Haha! I know he is in good hands with the Shadow X2.

By now an hour or so had past and it was hot and time to head to the cars. George had to leave. When we where at the car I said I have this 1788 church that I did well in the past, but it's slim pickings now. I think this site needs that Shadow X5 when we get it.

So that's were we headed. When we were driving there I was telling them a little about the site and about the parking lot has many silver dimes and Indian head pennies under the asphalt. There is an old road that went through there and I pointed it out when we got there.

Bugler headed there and the rest of us went to the church. See behind the parking lot is my ace in the hole because no one goes there. I saved it for this kind of time and when some people have not found an Indian head penny I try to get them to their goal.

We where they’re about 50 minutes and it was time to head back because we had a meeting to go to. Then on the way back Bugler was showing us his finds. He found an 1892 and 1902 Indian head pennies and a few wheaties. The rest of us found not much but a few wheat pennies. THAT'S IT!

This site had produced 9 coopers and one 1796 error large cent. Most of the coppers were state coopers and an 1734 British Half Penny plus Pete my other hunting partner found 5 state coppers there too, and an bust 1820 quarter. Plus more Indian Head Pennies you can ever dream of. This is the best site I ever detected.

Now we are heading home to get cleaned up and get ready to go to the Monroeville Area Metal Detecting Club meeting. It was about 6:45 PM when we pulled into the parking lot at the Monroeville Library.

Bugler was the guest speaker for the Monroeville Area Detecting Club. The club did some business and at about 7:40 PM Bugler had the floor.

Bugler talked about how his Internet radio show got started and why. He talked about other treasure stories he knew of. I really liked the one about the 9-pound gold cannonball. He talked about his big hunt coming up next year and it will be indoors and have RV hook-ups. There will be over 30,000 silver coins in the hunt field. He spoke of the detecting companies that will be sponsoring the hunt with Bugler himself. Plus you can get all this info at his web site. His web site is listed under links then Buglershack. It’s a great show and you have to atleast check out.

It was well near 9:00 PM and time to end the meeting. We talked for a while outside and he headed home to Georgia. Rich Best was heading home also.

It was a fun day and we had a blast. Bugler gave out a CS and US Box Plates replica at the club as door prizes plus the club gave out prizes. We had 4 clubs out of 5 clubs in our area represented that night at the meeting. That feels great in my book.

I want to thank you for taking time to read my stories of adventures. This one will be remembered for a long time for my sons and me and especially rich in finding his first merc and the first time being out to hunt for relics.

If you know someone that needs help in finding his first silver or first CS or a US box plate or any kind of relic. Please give them a hand and enjoy watching their happiness in finding it because you will get more out of them finding it because it reminds you of your first time when you found the same. Thanks to my two sons Ian, Angus, Bugler, Rich, Jabby, and George. I had a wonderful time.

I hope we can do it again sometime.


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