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Paranormal Relic Hunters
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The Time Searchers' New Series Ghost Relics

Ghost Relics

You must do more than hunt for the relics, you must feel the spirit of the relics.” these were the words that ushered in the original metal detecting adventure video series called “The Time Searchers.” Veteran relic hunters, Rodger J. Blissman “The Time Searcher” and Bill “The Colonial Relic Hunter” Leydic have chronicled their relic hunting adventures in this video series that has been viewed all over the world and achieved a loyal following of YouTube subscribers. From early colonial sites through civil war battlefields and camps, the Time Searchers have brought you with them in the field to experience their discoveries from the past. From the beginning, we have always had the feeling that we were not alone. On these historical sites, we always had a feeling of a presence of the people who made the history on these sites.

Now, the Time Searchers prove again that they are the Original Metal Detecting Adventure Video Series and more. The Time Searchers not only explore historical sites for the undiscovered relics of the past, they seek the spirits of those who walked these hallowed grounds before us. This new series from the Times Searchers, called “GHOST RELICS” includes their quest for recovering the past and goes further to document what some would call a portal to the past, Perhaps to another dimension where that which once was, still is. A place where the real consorts with the shadows, the present fuses with the past, here on “Ghost Relics”.

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