The Hunted Out Site or is it?

One day I was talking to my friend, Pete, I was saying to him that I have a new detector and wanted to try it out at one of our hunted out sites, so we can see what this Shadow X2 can really do. So we decided to go to this old tent church site.

This site goes back to 1772. The reason they call it a "Tent Church" is that when they first started it was in a tent. The Tent Church went on for about 2 years or more until they built a log cabin structure. Later on in the years the Indians burned down the log cabin. After that they built a bigger log cabin structure. The structure that is their now is a red brick structure and it was built in 1862. This structure was not built in the original spot where the tent and log cabin was. Later we learned that the tent church and log cabin were across the street by the adjacent cemetery.

Now Pete and I had been here many times and we did quite well for our selves. The last 3 times we found nothing. This site was hunted out we thought.

So this was going to be a great site to test my Shadow X2. Before we used the White's Eagle Spectrum. This machine did me well through the years, so I cannot say too many bad things about it.

In the past I found about 8 silver rosies, 11 mercs, 17 Indian head pennies, and a 1903 "O" barber half under a hemlock tree. Hey if you see a big old tree of any kind you better go right over to it, because that's where most of the stuff is. This comes with 14 years of experience telling you. We found many colonial buttons and buckles and a couple of Civil War tokens.

So the next day we went on our way to the hunted out tent church site. Pete really did not want to go because it was hunted out. So we thought.

Now after our one-hour ride we where there. It was about 7:30 am a little fog in the area. It would have made a beautiful picture.

I said to Pete let's see what this Shadow X2 is all about. I turned the disc to "zero", then maxed out the sensitive to you hear it starting to chirp. Back it off a couple of hairs until you do not hear the chirping. Now you are ready to go.

Pete started at the present church structure, and I started at the tent church and log cabin side across the street. It was like I was getting a calling to go there. I always go where I am told. hahahahahah

By the entrance of the tent church and log cabin I started to get some chirps. I decided to dig them to see what the Shadow X2 was telling me. It was a small iron nail from the log cabin. After a few digs I passed them sounds up. As I was hunting I noticed that the X2 was silent. I had to scan my boots just to keep checking to see if it was working. I was not used to this.

About half an hour into the hunt I got this great big hit that stopped me dead in my tracks. I was saying to myself that this was some hit and it had to be an Indian head penny. I don't know about the rest of you, but I try to guess what I am finding. It's more fun and you will be surprise how many times you are correct. I hit the coin check and it still beeped. I pinpointed the object and started digging my plug. While I was digging I was thinking on how sweet the signal was on this. I checked my plug and nothing. I laid all the dirt on my towel, then I was down about 7" when out came an 1884 Indian head penny. I was so pumped up about finding that. I put it in my olive oil container. This is a way you can preserve what you find. I also place my dirt on a towel so that I don't make a mess. It also helps you find what you are looking for faster.

Now I started to slow down my sweeps and over lapping the sweeps. I got more nails sounds everywhere. I got this other sweet signal. I pinpointed down and it was so soft. I knew it had to be something deep. This signal did not go off the coin check, so when you are out at an old site don't use it or if it is a consistent beep, then dig it. A lot of those buttons will not make a sound by using the "coin check".

I started digging. I got down about 10" and i thought man this is deep. I rechecked the hole and it was still there. I dug down 13" and there was a big old colonial coat button. I was a little disappointed because I thought it was a large cent. Oh well maybe next time. Hahaha

A few minutes later, I got another sweet well-rounded signal. Now I was thinking Indian head. hahaha I checked it with the "coin check" and it started to break up a little but the beep was good. I was going to dig it anyway just to see what the X2 was about. I dug down about 9" and out popped an 1887 Indian head penny. See positive thinking. Now into the olive oil container he goes.

By this time it was getting late. I had to be home when the kids arrived from school. I was heading back to my car when I got this soft signal. I could tell by the sound it was very deep. I was thinking it was another colonial coat button. So I pinpointed it and started to dig my plug. I dug down about 12 to 13 inches and found a copper disc. I thought it was a slug or something so right into the olive oil it went.

So now you are thinking, what was Pete finding if anything. Well he found a few wheaties, some clad coins, and one Indian head penny. All in all we had a great time.

A few days later I started to clean my finds. I cleaned the Indian head pennies and they were in great shape. The 1887 is in XF condition on detail and the olive oil did its job. Next I cleaned the button and it was one of my largest ever found. I found out that the British soldiers wore them in the 1750's and 1770's, now on to the slug. I was cleaning it and I notice it had some detail. I noticed it was a drape-busted series. I got a date! It was an 1800 large cent. My first 1800's series. All others are British coppers, state coinage, and early US coinage. I was so excited about the find I hurried up and called George, my other hunting partner.

So you can bet I will be back there again when the Shadow X5 comes out.

You see a site is never hunted out. You just have to have an edge over the others. This time it was the X2 and the next time it might be the Shadow X5.

Now can you guess what I am doing? Yes, doing all my old hunted out sites with my trusty Shadow X2.

So get out to your hunted out sites and relive the thrills it may hold for you again.

Keep your coil to the soil

Bill(Pittsburgh PA)

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