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Civil War Treasure Trove
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In March 2009 veteran Relic Hunter Rob Langdon meet up with The Time Searchers for a relic hunt at a Union Army Winter Camp Site used during 1863-64.

Little did any of them know that Rob would do more than look for a piece of history, he would make it! He discovered a find that most can only dream about...

"Why that solider - who might have been from Hawaii - never returned to reclaim his bank roll is another mystery."
-Honolulu Star Bulletin
Hello fellow enthusiast! Thank you for visiting the Time Searchers website.  This site was created as a way for us to be able to better interact with you our viewer and patrons.  This website is giving you easy access to all things Time Searcher related.  You will be able to find out about new videos as soon as they go up on youtube and be able to watch them straight from this site as well as our back catalog of our older videos so you can find all of our videos in one convenient location now!  This website will allow us to be better suited at documenting and preserving the past for future generations.

Meeting at Saratoga

Explanation of what we do.

What we strive to do at Time Searchers is document the past so, that it is not forgotten in the future.    Our hopes are to seek out long lost and forgotten artifacts and information of our past to preserve them for the future.  We not only have footage of our relic hunts, but we also have footage of the prestigious Digging in Virginia Relic Expeditions,  museum trips, battle re-enactments, fort sites, colonial blockhouses, etc... 

The Time Searchers video series will be ever evolving and changing to meet the needs and curiosity of the serious historians  as well as the hobbyist  relic hunter and history buff of today  and tommorow.

Goals of Time Searchers

Our goal here at time searchers is to document and preserve the past for future generations and to educate the current generations. We want to do this because as the time goes by our past is slipping away and being forgotten.  The powers to be would rather our past disintegrate into nothing and be forgotten forever, because of the inability to work together with us(relic hunters).  In other countries they all work together, so why can't we? 

Possibly the academic/government establishment and everyday relic hunters can learn to work together to preserve our past and still respect individual property rights liberties that have made our country the greatest nation on earth past, present, or future.

Become a Time Searchers' Video Correspondent

This show is more than about relics, it's about you, our viewers.  We have subscribing members all around the United States and in other countries.  We not only want to hear from you, we want to see your recoveries from the past to share with all our viewers.  You can submit videos or stories and photos of your find for us to share with our viewers.

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