A Long Day Overdue

It all started at the Labor Day Parade when I met my good friend Steve Dodin. He was there with his bike riding with the Sheriff's Department. I went up to him and said it is a shame I have to go to the Labor Day Parade just to see you. We both laughed.

I said, "hey Steve let's go metal detecting tomorrow". We will hit the old church. Steve said "that's the one we hunted to death". Yes, that is the one I told him. I have a plan. We are going to change our way of thinking. I said

"trust me". ha! When I got home I called George Pastvantis and asked if he wanted to go to the old church. Of course he said yes.

So now it is Tuesday morning and I just got my kids off to school. The day is now mine at least until 3:00pm when they get home from school. Steve and I packed the car and waited for George. Off we went.

It took about an hour and ten minutes to get there. I do not mind traveling to do old church sites because they seem to be the best sites in finding great coins and relics. In this site, I have found 9 state coppers, spanish silver coins, busted coins, seated, barbers, mercs, silver rosies, Indian head pennies, and lots more. I have found alot of stuff in this site over my ten years of detecting. In the last 6 or 7 visits nothing but this was going to change.

Steve was telling me that he has not found any Indian heads since the last time he was with me, and that was a long tine ago. It was almost 2 years ago. Steve and I do not get out much so when we do we have to make the best of it.

I was telling George and Steve that we should try out my idea on how to hunt the church. I told them to look around and tell me what you see? Look over here, see the old road coming up the hill and see the flat spot over there. Well that's the old road to the place and the flat spot with the trees is where they parked there horse and buggys when they went to church. I've know this for many years but did not say anything because this was my ace in the hole. I have taken many people out to see them get their first silver or indian head, 1700's buttons, etc. Iíve only taken a few people to this site, so I would send them over there so they can get a taste of what I get regularly. This is the same place Bugler hunted when he came up this way in July. But he already had it scooped out when we pulled it the parking lot.

Now I went into the church and talk with the pastor Bob Goosen. He and I have a good relationship. I always check with him before hunting and I have given alot of the relics and coins back to him. This pays big later down the road for getting more permsion to hunt. Hey if I didnít I would not have hunted this site for so long. So it was fine with him for us to hunt that day so off we went.

We all started by the end of the parking lot across the road from the church. Right away Steve found a 1920 Buffalo nickel in great shape, and George found an 1900 V-nickel a few minutes later. And I found nothing but junk. Two hours past and Steve found an Indian head penny in great shape and George found a few wheaties. Then Steve found another Indian head,but this one was an 1867 Indian head. Man it sure is nice to find them early dates Indians. They are so much hard to find than the later dates, plus the mintages were much less too.

Well I found more junk and no coins yet. I was getting bummed out to say the least. I tried to keep things positive, then all of a sudden I got a soft signal from my Shadow X2. I rechecked and sure thing it was a good target. Judging by the signal and the pinpointing I knew it was deep. I dug own about 6" and rechecked hole and got a stronger signal. So I dug down about 9" and there layed a silver dime in the hole. I picked it up and right off I could tell it was a barber dime. With a quick field cleaning I could tell it was an 1913 barber dime in VF-40 condition. I was pumped up now and ready to find more. A few minutes later I got another soft signal. I rechecked and it was a good target. I dug down a little over 10 inches. I could not believe I found another silver dime. I did not touch it. I called Steve and George to see I found another dime, but I was surprised to see it was a seated dime. I cleaned it up some and saw it was an 1875 cc ( Carson City) dime and it was the key date for that series. Now I was a happy camper.

We all started back hunting and Steve & George were saying to themselves "when am I going to find silver". Well it came about ten minutes later. Steve yelled out he found a 1963 rosie. A few seconds later George came running over. I thought he was going to hug me and give me a big kiss. George showed me his dime and I saw it was the last year of the seated series. It was an 1891 seated dime in XF condion. There was hardly any wear at all. It was one of the best seated coins Iíve seen found in years. Then we called Steve over to check out this great coin out.

We went back to hunting. About 5 minutes later I found another silver dime. This time it was a 1935 merc. The merc was about 5 inches deep. I was back at it again. Over by the wagon trail, I got a weak but solid signal. I pinpointed and dug down about 8" and there was my first Indian head for the day. The Indian head was a 1881. By now I had a great day. You do not get these kind of days to often. But I'll take it, haha!

A few minutes late I got a weak but sort of broken signal but it was consistant. I pinpointed it and could tell it was a coin because it was a smaller and quick signal. I guessed it was another Indian head. Sure enough it was and the date on this one was 1888. Now 5 mintues went by before I got another signal, and this was a very soft signal but alittle broken. But it pinpointed good so I dug. I dug down about 10 inches , and there was an 1867 Indian head. Man this was great but the day was not over yet. A few mintues later I get a soild hit on the Shadow X2. I dug down about 11 inches there was another Indian head penny just waiting for me after all these years. This was an 1863 Indian head. Another early date Indian head penny. Not bad for 3 hours work.

It was time to leave and went to a Clems country barbeque outside of Blairsville Pennsylvania. We all had a great lunch and a great time together.

Now you can guess we are going back to the old church site, but it will be another three weeks before we go. We will have 2 other friends to come along and enjoy in the fun.

Remember always pay attention to your surroundings. Change your habits in what you do because it will pay off for you in the long run. And think positive, because if you are not in the right frame of mind you will not do as well.

Like my friend Bugler always says "keep your coil to the soil".

Bill(Pittsburgh, PA)

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