Looking Back at Last Season

Fall was one of my best seasons other than spring being the best time to be detecting here in western Pennsylvania. In the spring the shrubs are starting grow. The trees are just starting to bud and full of life. The soil is in ideal condition. In the fall the trees are sharing their wonderful colors. It's just a great time to be out spending time in nature and your favorite hobby. I spent some of my time with members of our club. Spending time with other members or other people we meet in other places while we are detecting is just half the fun.

George, Steve and I went relic hunting last fall in September. We all went relic hunting at an old church northeast of here. We all found Indian head pennies, shielded nickel, v-nickels, a buffalo nickel, and many silver dimes.

Steve found a beautiful shielded nickel. Then he found 2 v-nickels, a buffalo nickel, 3 early date Indian head pennies, and a silver Rosie.

George found an 1891 seated dime in xf condition. Then he found a nice 1945 merc dime. And he found a nice v-nickel. And a beautiful button from the 1760ís - 1770ís.

Well I found an 1875cc (Carson City) seated dime. Then I found a 1913 barber dime in VF condition. A great looking 1935 merc dime. Then 4 little Indians came home with me too.

Well not bad for 3 hours of work would you say. This place was suppose to be hunted out well almost hunted out. All we did in this place is rethink the way we see things. So we looked for the old wagon trails that came to the church. Then we hunted the old cornfield and thatís where George found the 1700's button. Now when you do this you just made an unproductive site into a productive site again.

As you can guess we will be back at this old site again. Next month I will continue other adventures with other members of the club and what we found at the old church. I will do our ONE FINE DAY column for a few months and I hope some of you will share you adventures with us, and we will put it in the newsletter. So please use this column because it's here for you to use. So I guess I will see you all next month at the meeting with some of these finds to share with you. So you all KEEP YOUR COIL TO THE SOIL what our good friend Bugler would say.

Bill the Relic

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