Past Season

Have you ever had one of those sites you just keep hunting it and it keeps producing and it gives you a special surprise once in awhile..? This is how the old church is. Sometimes you go there and find nothing, but other times you go and fine one or more great things. Sometimes it takes a change of technology or just as simple as better soil conditions. This time was Harry's turn with the old church. Harry and I arrived there by 9:00am. It was a nice crisp 28 degrees. Almost perfect to be out detecting if it was not for the wind blowing. When you swing your coils it got ice on it. Relic Hunting Northern Style....ha! Harry and I started by the parking lot and the first target was an 1888 Indian Head Penny. Now a half an hour or so past and we haven't found any more finds. Harry decided to go towards the cornfield. I decided to stay by the parking lot. When Harry reached George's honey hole he found an 1889 Indian Head Penny right in the wash area." Unbelievable" because it was right on top of the ground. You did not have to dig the little Indian. Then Harry finally moved towards the cornfield and he was there for awhile I guess because I was still in the parking lot. About 12:00pm Harry showed up with his medicine bottle with olive oil in it. And he was shaking it when he was walking towards me and I said to him that better not be a large cent or a cooper. Harry just laughed. I looked at the bottom of the container and it sure looked like a big old copper or large cent. But what I saw was unexpected; it was an early 1750ís coat button. Man this is a rare find in these parts a 1750ís anything. You can bet Harry was a happy camper. One other time I was here with Rodger a few weeks before, and we had a great time. I think Rodger found an 1888 seated dime in xf condition. He found it close to the road where some trees were. I was hunting behind the parking lot. I found 2 Indian head pennies. So we both left happy as a pumpkin. I can remember George found a 1732 British half penny along the road by the church late last spring. You can bet he was very surprised and very happy all at the same time. I can list a number of finds we found on our trips out last year, but I would get writers cramps if I did.. Ha! The finds are out there we just have to locate them. Last year we found 1700ís old coins & 1700ís old relics to 1800ís old coins & relics. To find these items you have to target these areas. RESEARCH is the magic word. I would never found the 1750ís-1760ís axe heads or the 1750ís-1760ís hammer or some of the great buttons I found last year. To view some of these finds you can go to my web site that is and click onto the Bills forums page and then visitorís photos page and look for the names. Then youíll see the finds that some of us found & others around the country. I sure had fun this fall going hunting with some of you, and I sure hope we all can go out sometime in the future. Remember DO YOUR RESEARCH NOW for the up coming year. I am almost already done with mine and now itís time for a lot of leg work and knocking on doors. If you want to find the older and better coins and relics, you have to do your homework. If you donít, donít expect to reap the benefits of the older coins and relics. You will be rewarded very well for your time spent. Just think when you are holding a 1750ís button or a Spanish silver piece of eight, or just a seated dime and you will say wow it was worth the work. Itís a challenge, but I know you all can do it. See you all in the field and hopefully you all find what you are looking for. And maybe you will find your OLD CHURCH SITE to hunt for a long time. Keep Your Coil The Soil Bill The Relic

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