My Adventures at the OBX Hunt

This hunt came together by Carolina Ron last fall. He thought about getting everybody together from the Shadow Forum. This way we could put faces to the screen names. He had some help from Stewart (NC).

Ron posted it on the forum to see how many people would be interested. Over 20 signed up, so Ron & Stewart started there research for a site. They went all the way to the Outer Banks to check it out. Ron posted where we would be staying and what organization's name to use if you wanted to get a discount. So we were all calling for our rooms.

Our travels started on March 1st. Harry, George, and I were on our way to the outer banks. We did ok until we got to Richmond, VA. We took the wrong road. Of course by the time we discovered this it was too late, so we took the scenic route to 68 and on to Route 168 to the OBX. The rest of the drive was uneventful. We saw some beautiful country in Virginia and North Carolina.

When we got to the hotel, we saw Carolina Ron and Scrappy in the parking lot. We went over and talked for a while. Then we checked in. Harry and George got the room next the Ron and me. We put some of the things in our room and then we where off to the beach by the hotel. We meet Lowell (NC) swinging away. We stopped to see if he had found anything and then went on our way. The wind was strong that day. I was not out long and I got wind burned. We found a few things and a lot of coins and some film containers with lead weights and pennies, and a piece of paper saying. The Pepsi Pirates were here! By Order of the King of England, Spain, and France.... All lands lying hereunder herewith and therewith have been bequeathed the Order of the Soda Pop Pirates. Well whoever put them there we all thank you very much. hahaha

The next day started at 5:15 am. I think Lowell was pounding on everybody's door and I tell you what it was real loud. We got him back later. haha.

So at 6:00 am we were on our way. We went to Corolla where the road just ended. We parked at a secret place and we started detecting the beach. We were having a great time looking at the surrounding area and watching the surf.

George, Lowell, and I were using the Shadow X2 on the beach. Ron and Harry were using XLT's. Let me tell you, I was surprised at how deep the Shadow X2 went. We were getting 12" to 16" on a zinc penny. We were finding these film containers at 24". Great depth in my book. The only thing I was a little disappointed in was that the Shadow X2 did not do as well as I thought it would on the wet sand and in the surf. All in all I was quite pleased. The Shadow X2 does very well up here in Pittsburgh, PA, cannot wait until the X3 comes out. We even talked about the X3 on our trip. Everyone wants one. Hurry up Troy. We are waiting. Ha!

Back to the hunt. When we were hunting we found one of the shipwrecks seaweed posted. We found a lot of pennies, quarters, and stuff. When we were heading back to our cars Harry found a nice silver ring by one of the set of steps. It was a good find.

Now we headed to Duck to eat. We ate at a nice place for lunch. Now we were ready to go to Corolla to detect at Lighthouse Beach, Oceanside that is. We took some pictures of the Lighthouse. Lowell took them for us. Before we got there my man Lowell was detecting the restaurant parking lot. He was possessed as Ron might say. He never stopped swinging that thing. I bet he swung that detector when he was sleeping. HA, for real! We did quite well here and had a lot of fun.

Now it was getting late and it was time to go to the hotel. We found Bob (VA) and his wife. Bob showed us his diamond ring he found. I cannot really say where he found it, but he worked very hard for that ring. He found it where we would look last. It must be worth a couple of thousands dollars.

At 7:00 P.M. I meet Dave (NC) and his wife, also Gopher and Gopher Trapper from Virginia. I need to say Dave's wife was too nice and friendly to be with us. Ha! We all talked for a while in H & G's room and sucked down a few brewskies.

The next day there was Lowell pounding on everyone's door again at the same time. I could have used a few more hours of sleep. We got an early start again.

After breakfast we meet Greg and Marshall. These guys are the coolest 2 guys I know. We had a lot of fun talking about detecting and everything in general.

We parked in a secret place again and we all went 4 wheeling. I'll tell you what. It was quite an experience. I was not too sure about this deal. Ha! I was grabbing onto Greg's handles on his door. I know he was saying, "look at this guy, he's a little scared". We saw what was once a forest now taken over by the ocean and porpoises swimming in the water. It was real neat. Something we hear donít see.

Now we get to our secret place. We all went detecting. There was Carolina Ron, Scrappy, Dave and his wife Carol, Gopher, Gopher Trapper, Lowell, Harry, George, Marshall, and myself. We all detected this site for a few hours and near the end of the hunt Gopher Trapper found a copper disc. He never saw one before. I was as usual shooting the breeze with Greg, Marshall, Scrappy, and Dave. Gopher Trapper brought over his find and we all looked at it. I knew what he had right away because I found 2 of them in Pennsylvania. What he found was a 1793 Spanish Reale and this made the hunt complete. Thanks to Dave, Greg, and Marshall for telling us about this site. I am sorry for not telling you where some of these places are but if you come down next time you can see them for yourself.

Well at this point everyone was very excited about the find. We all headed to Corolla again by the Lighthouse. We detected the beach again. Then we went back to the hotel, cleaned up, and met Bob and his wife for dinner. We went Mexican. We had a great dinner together.

Going back to the hotel after and sat around talking about Trapper's Spanish Reale. It was a find of a lifetime. I know he will never forget about it.

We went to some piers the next day and had a blast. The beach was cut some and we were finding lots of coins.

The last restaurant we went to was a Seafood Buffet. It was some of the best food I ever had. We all had a great time, and there were a lot of friendships made here on this OBX hunt. I know I will never forget the great time we spent in a short period of time.

As you are reading this, plans of another OBX hunt are underway. I hope everyone can come to this hunt when we have another one.

So we all departed on Sunday to go our separate way. I am glad everyone got back safely, there was some nasty weather that day.

Remember I said we would get back at Lowell for pounding on our doors. Well on the last night Lowell left the hunt early with Scrappy. Well we thought he was missing or dead. We pounded on his door for half an hour and he finally answered. He was so tired he nearly fell out the door. He passed on coming out with us for dinner and went back to bed. The next morning he was still tired. I tell you what he never stopped detecting when we went out, but in the end it caught up to him, it caught up to the rest of us also.

We all said good bye and now have friendships that can last a lifetime. The friendship that was the main thing about this hunt. Plus the great finds that we found.

I hope you enjoyed reading and seeing the pictures of the hunt. I thank Ron and Stu for taking the time to set up this OBX hunt. Thank you Greg, Marshall, and Dave for their insights on places to go and transportation. I hope to see you all at the next one.

Keep your coil to the soil

Bill (Pittsburgh, PA)

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